Cuddlebugs and Grasshoppers

12 months to 35 months


At Bright Ideas Enrichment Center, we have created a world of exciting experiences for your toddler. We know that very young children see the world with all its wonder and need to be in an environment that will stimulate their minds and bodies. Our teachers will work to create a combination of personalized care and learning experiences. 

The environment of our classrooms offers areas that balance the day for your child. Children learn through play, and we provide the atmosphere to exemplify creativity in all children. We work to provide the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of each child.


Discovery Centers

  • Dramatic Play areas promote imagination and creativity.   When we role-play we enrich our language and social skills.

  • Manipulative/Block area promotes exploration of physical relationships, developing coordination and early math development. 

  • While climbing and exploring in the Large Motor area the children develop large muscle strength and agility. 

  • Our Outdoor Play area is filled with equipment to develop our muscles as well as curiosity about science and nature.


Children learn through the Pinnacle Curriculum for toddlers, which provides activities that stimulate growth and development that can be incorporated into the routines of the day. Pinnacle Curriculum provides teachers with fun activities to do with little ones all day — even during the "radical routines" of eating and changing. 

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