Bright Ideas uses the Pinnacle Early Childhood Curriculum—designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that move them toward their potential as they explore and experiment with materials and activities in the classroom. Based on the works of child development legends Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson, the curriculum provides hands-on, center-based activities designed to develop emerging skills.

Pinnacle Curriculum was written by early childhood experts and provides a research-based educational foundation for the children at Bright Ideas. The curriculum supplements our teachers’ education in early childhood development, and our children really enjoy interactive activities.


At Bright Ideas, we offer days packed full of activities.  All of our activities help the social/emotional, physical and academic development of children.  Children learn best when they are having fun and involved in learning!

At Bright Ideas you will see...


  • Frequent, positive and warm interactions among teachers and children.

  • Children who enjoy themselves as they learn and play.

  • Planned activities and materials appropriate to children's age and development.  With appropriate materials and expectations, a program that helps young children learn how to learn.

  • A healthy and safe environment for children.

  • A clean, well-supervised program.

  • Communication with families.

  • Families that are involved in the program and teachers and staff that welcome your interest.  

  • Nutritious snacks and meals.

  • Enough adults to respond to individual children.


Training and professional development is expected of all our teachers so that the quality of our program stays high. A manager who is trained and certified in CPR and First Aid is present at all times. Extensive background checks are conducted on all employees, along with random drug testing.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important and fun part of learning about the world around us and are often planned to go along with the weekly learning theme in your child’s classroom. Parents are always welcome to join us. Safety policies permit only school-age children to be transported by bus on field trips. A licensed, insured vehicle equipped with seat belts is provided by Bright Ideas.

Outdoor Play

Fresh air and exercise are important to a child’s good health. We have fun and safe outdoor place spaces and playgrounds at each location. During inclement weather, extreme heat or cold, we plan indoor activities. We carefully monitor outdoor playtime and provide adequate water and shade.


Your child is served a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack. All of our menus are planned in accordance with federal and state guidelines. The menus, which are posted weekly for your review, include foods that are tasty and meet your child’s dietary needs. We request that you provide the food for your infant who is not yet eating table food.


Parent Involvement/Open Door Policy


We encourage you to visit often, join us for field trips and share your skills and talents with us. Bright Ideas is always ready to listen to parents and eager to involve you wherever and whenever possible. Bright Ideas has a Parent Advisory Committee that meets three times a year to organize center-wide activities.


Another way of being involved is by becoming a Room Parent. They help organize specific classroom events such as class parties. We also have Monthly Parent Volunteers. These parents sign up for one to two hours a day each month to help out in their child’s classroom. You can sign up for any type of activity you would like. It might be reading stories to the children, working one on one with a child who needs a little extra support,or just by being the teacher helper. If you are interested in being on PAC, a Room Parent, or a Monthly Volunteer, please see the center director.


Parent conferences are scheduled formally three times a year so that you may discuss your child’s developmental progress. Informal conferences may be arranged at your convenience. Notices and events of parental interest are posted on the Parent Boards to keep you up-to-date on center happenings

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