Caterpillars and Butterflies

3 to 5 years old


At Bright Ideas Enrichment Centers we begin the children on the road to reading, self-confidence and the love of learning. Preschoolers are quickly expanding their knowledge and mastery of the world around them. Preschool at Bright Ideas offers an enriched environment that nourishes each child's individual development. We concentrate on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of the child. 


Discovery Centers

  • Science Sensory

  • Dramatic Play

  • Creative Arts, Music and Woodworking

  • Math/Manipulatives

  • Language/Library

  • Outdoor Play

  • Technology



Quality childcare begins with quality programming. Pinnacle Early Childhood Curriculum, Leapfrog Schoolhouse and Hatch Computers are designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that move them toward their potential as they explore and experiment with materials and activities in the classroom. Lessons for these age groups incorporate small and large group time activities, along with center-based activities. The activities in the Pinnacle Curriculum meet learning objectives for each child based on research and best practices.