Roly Pollies

6 weeks to 12 months

Bright Ideas strives to make the care of your infant "personalized care." We give each infant in our classrooms plenty of individualized attention. The schedules and lesson plans are created for your child. We invite parents to provide personal items to grace the child's crib and family pictures that can be placed in the room. We want you and your child to feel right at home here. We feel that these items help your baby feel comfortable with the surroundings and ease the transition between family and caregivers.


As your baby grows, the classroom becomes a stimulating area in which to explore. The rooms and equipment are age-appropriate, colorful and inviting.  Infants are enthusiastic in their learning so we provide a detailed curriculum to encourage their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. 


Your Baby's Day

A day at Bright Ideas Enrichment Centers is balanced to the needs of each infant. Napping, eating and playing are important times in an infant's day.  We let you and your baby set the schedule for those personal needs.  We add the loving, caring and nurturing as we attend to the individual needs of your baby. The infant daily activity record helps us and you to track your infants progress on a daily basis.



The health and safety requirements at the Federal, State and Local levels are met with ease.  We meet and exceed these requirements for the safety of those in our care. We strive to provide the best possible care for those who have placed their faith in us.


Pinnacle Curriculum for infants and toddlers incorporates stimulating activities, promoting growth and development through daily routines. Established in an atmosphere of caring, love and hugs, our teachers use this curriculum to implement fun activities with little ones all day — even during the “radical routine” of eating! Lesson plans are personalized, crafted to meet each child’s specific needs.